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What's is GEOPARK

“GEOPARK” means the place where you can
experience the ecosystems and of the unchanged
natural rivers, mountains and oceans.
There are networks all over the world of highly
qualified Geoparks such as the “Global Geoparks
Network” , the “European Geoparks Network”
and the “Asian Pacific Networks” .
Now, 100 areas in 30 countries are recognized as
“Global Geoparks” and “TAKENO BEACH” located
in “San’ in Kaigan is included in the
“Global Geoparks Network” .


“TAKENO BEACH” is really famous for the clear ocean
with a white sand located in the Sea of Japan.
The clearness is verified by “100 Swimming Beaches” (2006)
and “88 Swimming Beaches in Japan” (2001) of the Ministry
of the Environment.
Near the beach, there are Sea Caves, Sea tunnels, natural
rocks and landforms.

What's is GEOCANOE

We made one word, “GEO CANOE” which means
having a canoeing adventure in a “GEOPARK” .
On a GEOCANOE tour, you can explore the
magnificent coastline of the Sea of Japan.
Why don’ t you enjoy taking a look at the ocean
emerald green and cobalt blue and explore nature?


Because of the danger of outdoor sports,
A certified instructor will guide you during the tour.
(We might cancel the tour depending on the weather
and the waves.)


Please prepare marine shoes, clothing which can
get wet, a cap and sunglasses to protect from sunburn.
Please prepare some medicine if you get sea
sickness easily.


Please bring some drinks and candy to prevent
thirst and hunger during the canoe tour.

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Please use the JR from Kinosaki Onsen to Takeno.
(1 stop,200yen)